Couples & Family

I am certified in Imago Therapy, a unique and powerful form of therapy that gives you and your partner, business partner, or family member the tools you need to create the relationship you want.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your relationship patterns keep repeating, you keep having the same arguments with your partner, and you fall into the same communication traps over and over again. You do this because you’re trying to recreate the past — trying to re-do the painful parts of the relationship you had with your parents in childhood, so you can fix them. And you’ve found the perfect partner for the job — someone who frustrates you in all the same ways your parents did.

The way out of that cycle of endless repetition is the Imago Dialogue.

The primary tool of Imago therapy, the Dialogue is a way of communicating that enables you and your partner to really hear and understand each other — safely, without arguing or blaming. Imago therapy sessions are structured and safe spaces for you and your partner to communicate about difficult topics. You’ll be using the Dialogue throughout each session. I will teach it to you, step by step, and coach you through it, and you’ll be practicing it together at home. It sounds simple, but the depths to which the Dialogue can bring you are complex — and the positive impact can be profound — no matter where you are in your relationship.


Imago therapy isn’t just for romantic partners. It can also be helpful for business partners (read more here) and family members–especially between parents and teenage or adult children who are experiencing conflict or want to improve their communication together.

If you and your partner, spouse, colleague, or family member would like to set up a first session, to give Imago a try, call me at 646-675-7723.

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