Analyze, Don’t Empty, Your Mind

While Eastern meditation instructs us to empty our minds of thought, Philosophical Meditation instructs us on how to analyze our thoughts to create more calm and less anxiety:

“At heart, it doesn’t believe that the contents of our minds are nonsensical or meaningless. Our worries may seem like a nuisance but they are in fact neurotically garbled but important signals about how we should direct our lives. They contain complex clues as to our development. Therefore, rather than wanting simply to empty our minds of content, practitioners of Philosophical Meditation encourage us to clean these minds up: they want to bring the content that troubles us more securely into focus, and thereby usher in calm through understanding rather than through evacuation.”


Read the whole article here. Find a step-by-step guide here to what is really self-analysis. This is a daily practice that can really help to increase self-understanding and decrease confusion and the anxiety that comes from it.