Counseling for Business Partners

Couples counseling isn’t just for romantic partners anymore. It’s also helpful for business partners.

Recently, the New York Times profiled Ilan Zechory and Tom Lehman, two founders of, and discussed how couples therapy is helping people who work together in business relationships.


“Counseling has become a popular way for young technology entrepreneurs to work out their differences. ‘Except for the sex, founders have the same interdependency as married couples,’ said Peter Pearson, a founder of the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, Calif., who holds that businesses and romantic relationships fail for similar reasons. Some founders are interested in learning how to maintain their friendships in a stressful environment.”

Imago therapy can be a great way for business partners to learn to communicate, respect each other’s differences, function more efficiently as collaborators, and stay friends in the process. By teaching partners to listen closely, validate, and empathize with each other, Imago can dramatically change how two people relate to each other.

Read here about how Imago therapy works, and how I use it in my practice with couples of all kinds.


Read the whole Times article here.