Rick Moody on Transference

I recently came upon an article by author Rick Moody published a few years ago in the journal Contemporary Psychoanalysis. On transference, he says: “Transference, however, does seem incredibly important to me. Transference describes an easy-to-verify emotional relationship between people. If Freud’s theory in general is about the notion of interpretation, about the idea that…

Being Annoyed

Annoying, by Joe Palca and Flora Lichtman, is a new book about the science and psychology behind why we get annoyed: “Formulating a good working definition of annoyance is a persistent challenge for researchers. One calls it the weakest form of anger, simply diluted rage. Others cite overtones of disgust (a persistently belching dinner guest),…

2 Groups

My friend and colleague Christopher Murray is starting two new psychotherapy groups in his practice in North Chelsea. Here is the info: LGBT SOCIAL WORKERS (Wednesdays @ 6:30pm) & GAY MALE SURVIVORS OF SEXUAL ABUSE (Tuesdays at 6:30pm) Contact: www.christophermurray.org or 917-696-5779 for a pre-group interview and to get more information.

Technology & Relating

Alone Together, the new book by social scientist Sherry Turkle explores the many ways that “technology is changing how people relate to one another and construct their own inner lives…” Read the whole review here.